Environment Monitoring for Ultimate Safety and Protection

Nothing is scarier than the possibility of an explosion to take place because of leaking combustible gases. In utility environments and chemicals production industry where specific gases are being produced, used as a manufacturing component of other gas or liquid products, or transported through pipeline, environment monitors are a big must.

Even the gases which are typically considered as non-hazardous like oxygen can easily become concentrated in quantities which far exceed the safety levels in commercial environments. This is why the setting up of a custom designed and sophisticated gas detection system should be the main front line of defense against any potential toxic substance buildup.

Locations with Potential Risks of Gas Leaks

Most of the flammable and toxic gases which present a flame up potential are being produced as a form of a byproduct. It is very common in the waste treatment centers. High levels of carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, as well as pure oxygen concentrations all present a certain form of danger. Workers in this kind of industrial environment may not be aware of any buildup of the toxic gases only until the levels have reached critical density. It is the reason why modern detection systems including locally placed sensors are a must.

In the industry of petroleum, pipelines which carry gases that are byproducts of refining process have several junctions, high pressure pipes, and shut off valves. A gas leak might go unnoticed, presenting a serious health risk.

Facilities where chemicals are produced are constantly monitored for gasket weakening, storage tank leaks, as well as air quality. To ensure that no leaks will be undetected, a network of sensors must be installed in places adjacent to possible leak points.

Safer Workplace With Quality Environment Monitors

Majority of industrial environments where production of toxic gases takes place are mandated by the law to put in place a monitoring system. These systems are being inspected by specially trained technicians who are either hired by the state or country where the specific facility is situated. Environment monitors and gas alarm systems not only serve as a real time protection program for these can also save money for clients. Insurance costs will become relatively lower, with the company possibly becoming qualified for tax breaks.

MINERVA is a leader when it comes to providing an extensive array of premium quality gas detection systems, offering customized system designs which include the use of specialized sensors, calibration testing equipment, monitoring stations, and alarm controllers.

The array of environment monitors which are ideal for different applications include the following:

  • IAQ or Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Odor Level Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Carbon Monoxide level in car parks
  • CEMs or emissions monitoring
  • Oxygen enrichment and deficiency monitoring
  • VOC or volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde monitoring

The Cosmos XP-329IIIR Portable Odor Detector is a very versatile odor intensity level meter that serves different applications and industries. It is a quality control for processes of manufacturing products including deodorizing equipment and air purifiers and quality control of different foods and beverages, perfumes, spices, and others. This is also applicable for Occupational Safety and Health or OSH applications.