Flame Detectors – Safeguard Your Life and Properties

Each year, billions of dollars worth of properties are being consumed by fire which results to significant monetary loss for millions of people all over the world. You might be shocked with the casualty figures from fire globally, with estimates reaching to around 300,000 annually.

However, even with these alarming figures, many people still seem to ignore the impending threats of fire. When the truth is, fire hazards are not only predictable as these can also be controlled to a large extent.

The advancements in modern technology for the past few years has made it possible for fire to be detected even during early stages way before it gets big enough to induce any serious damage and there are even some automated systems that could control it. Among the most crucial inventions in this aspect is none other than the flame detector that genuinely and effectively contributes in saving many properties and lives.

Identify Potential Deadly Fires Early On

Pretty much all hazardous fire incidents begin with the ignition of just a tiny flame which was left undetected until it gets too late. However, with the installation of a flame detector within the premises, these disasters can be totally averted or even minimized to a substantial extent. Numerous versions of flame detectors these days are equipped with infrared or ultraviolet sensors which can detect any abnormal heat signatures early on to warn people in the premises regarding the threat.

This kind of early detection will not only guarantee early intervention but can also prevent bigger and more serious damages. It has been proven that flame detectors are very effective in dramatically reducing fire related incidents on their deployment in temples that are made from wood, which tend to be very fire risky.

Choose the Best Quality Flame Detectors

MINERVA provides different kinds of flame detectors which employ various technologies to suit the unique flame detection needs of customers across various applications, from shopping malls to offshore platforms.

From Triple Infrared Band or IR3 to ultraviolet or UV, you can choose from flame detectors which are manufactured to the finest standard with the use of the newest technologies that you can find in the flame detection industry today.

Minerva is in partnership with Spectrex Inc., the first ever maker that launched major innovations which have been trade standards like the first IR3 and UV/IR Flame Detectors.

Importance of Reliability

The very reason behind the use of fire retardant and fire detection equipment is to decrease harm to the highest possible extent. This is the reason it is important to ensure that the system functions well and with no error at all. This is the reason why it is important that devices such as flame detectors and gas detectors are purchased only from the most dependable producers that can offer regular after service. There are various brands which have gained the trust of industrial facilities, heritage site administrators, and government agencies because of their superior after sales service and product. Thus, if you like to install flame detectors, reliability should always come before economy.


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