Do you have flowmeters? If so, that is great. If you do not, then it is time to get one. Everybody must have a flow meter since this is good for numerous things. This will help you measure the gas, vapor or liquid. There are different alternatives including oil flowmeter and air flowmeter and there are some alternatives that measure the amount of gas or liquid, which passers through a particular time.

Flow measurement may be described in some ways and you must try learning a bit about that before you purchase a flowmeter and begin using this. There are lots of things to learn about it and this is good if you have got basic knowledge before using it. Begin reading about the type of flowmeter that you seem to match your requirements and try learning as much as you can when it comes to flow measurement. It can be interesting if you are willing to perform a bit research over the internet.

Generally, flowmeters are classified by the principal, which governs their operation or through their applications. For example, mass flowmeters measure the medium’s flow rate when it comes to its mass. Nevertheless, there are many kinds of flowmeters that utilize various methods to take this measurement.

Doppler and Ultrasonic shift flowmeters use the changes that are caused to the sound waves to correlate the rate of the flow for medium passing through the meter. In case of ultrasonic flowmeter, 2 transmitters of the ultrasonic sound waves are placed at the pipe’s ends where measure will take place. Every transmitter will send a pulse of sound.

More traditional kinds of flowmeters are the variable area flowmeter that utilizes a float in the calibrated tube. When the substance passes through tubes, the float is actually displaced by the flow. Through taking the reading from calibrated tube, there will be an indication of the flow rate.

Get a Variety of Flowmeters at Minerva!

Minerva provides a variety of flowmeters for fluid volume measurement and measurement of the flow rates including gas, water, and some liquids. With different kinds of flowmeters, employing various technologies in our variety, we can offer a solution to suit every requirement and application. Regardless of your needs or whatever applications you have in mind, Minerva can offer you quality range of flowmeters.

We have flowmeters for water and these are:

  • Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters for big or different pipelines.
  • Electromagnetic for accurate applications.
  • Volumetric or piston flowmeters for improved accuracy in small pipelines.
  • Woltmann or turbine flowmeters.

We also have flowmeters for gas such as:

  • Vortex flowmeters.
  • Mass flowmeters and controllers.
  • Diaphragm gas meters
  • Turbine flow meters with explosion-proof ratings

For chemicals and liquids, our flowmeters include the following:

  • Vortex flowmeters
  • Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters for big or different properties
  • Electromagnetic for accuracy applications.
  • Turbine flowmeters with stainless steel or carbon bodies.

We also provide customized solutions for automated meter reading or remote meter reading. You may read more on our remote asset monitoring solutions.



A wide range of flowmeters for measurement of fluid volume and flowrates including water, gas and other liquids.
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