Force Testers

There are times that there would be confusion when it comes to the difference between the materials tester and force testers. The force testers are made to make basic force measurements in applications in which the main interest is in peak extension and load.

Typically, force testers use a force gauge as a load measurement device. However, the material testers are more precise and offer performance levels. The materials tester will utilize precision load cells and external or internal extensometer for the elongation measurement. Testing under the constant loads whenever you are using the thermal chambers need materials testers.

Minerva offers a range of force testers that complement extensive variety of material testing instruments. The force testers are available in motorized, mechanical, digital, and pneumatic. The pneumatic testers are suited for use in the areas where safety is needed.

Motorized force testers may be used for compression, tensile, flexural, peel testing, and shear testing. The motorized test stands may have a bigger work area, which makes them perfect for applications with bigger test samples and production environments. The crosshead speed movement is basically user-selectable.

Pneumatically-operated force tester is basically using dry, clean compressed air and perfectly suited for use dangerous areas wherein there isn’t electricity permitted due to fear of explosion. The pneumatic force testers may perform compressive and tensile tests with different ram speed. The usual applications include measuring break strength of the terminals, electrical leads, wire wraps, connectors, and many more.

Minerva As Your Source of Force Testers

Minerva offers a variety of material testing equipment for measurement of hardness, impact strength, torsion or torque, stain or stress, and tension of compressors.

For the low force measurement apps, Minerva offers handheld force gauges, which feature testing accessories including gripping fixtures, compression plats, and custom accessories for particular applications. The complementary manual test stands as well as motorized test stands are available as which incorporate force gauges testing repetitively and to enhance repeatability of the test results.

For high capacity applications of force measurement, Minerva offers benchtop material testing machines, horizontal testing machines, and floor standing material testing machines. The floor standing testing machines are made available in two broad types and these include hydraulic and electromechanical. To complement testing machines offered, a variety of accessories are available, which are environment chambers, furnaces, grips, and extensometers.

The impact testing machines of different capacities are offered as well. Such pendulum impact testers are provided with interchangeable tooling, which enable Tension Impact, Izod or Charpy testing methods. The options with the Low Blow fixtures, electrical pendulum brake, motorize pendulum return, and the instrumented impact testing are available.

The hardness testing machines for Rockwell scale, Vickers, Knoop testing, and Brinell scale are offered. The harness testing machines are made available as big scale floor mounted tester, bench mounted tester or dedicated tester that is integrated into your production line.

Force testers enable routine force measurements to be made easily and quickly in a variety of applications. For more complex or accurate measurements, get force testers from Minerva only.