Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detection is a very important method to ensure the highest level of protection for people and properties alike. The main objective behind the installation of fixed gas detectors is to constantly and continuously recognize and monitor any risks in the atmosphere way before hazards turn into serious threats, which then protects lives and the environment where people are working.

There are numerous technologies which are available right now for a plethora of applications. When it comes to providing and ensuring safety should always be the very first step in understanding the fixed detection of gases.

Fixed gas detectors usually have a longer life and often require lesser maintenance and they can connect to existing building management systems and other safe systems. These fixed gas detectors are also typically installed when at least any of the three gas hazards, namely explosive gases, toxicity or oxygen depletion, have been pinpointed during a risk assessment. (Check here if you are looking for Portable Gas Detection System)

Detect Any Danger Early On

There are different benefits associated with the use of fixed gas detectors, which include the following:

  • Protection of personnel, properties, and work areas
  • Continuous monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Can be customized to go well with the specific purpose or application
  • Reduced maintenance

Go for Fixed Gas Detectors to Suit Your Needs

MINERVA is the number one place to go to when looking for stationary or fixed type gas detectors as well as alarm systems which can help you in the constant monitoring of any gas leak. The company’s wide array of fixed type of gas detectors being offered can provide you with the perfect solution for practically all applications, which range from the heavy duty industrial type of gas alarm systems down to the low cost detectors that can be used in residences.

Different options are made available for the diffusion type of gas detectors, open path gas detectors, and extractive or suction type of gas detectors with built in sampling pump to suit any requirements and condition for installation.

You can choose from the different gas detection alarm systems for several gas groups or types, including the following:

  • Oxygen
  • Flammable combustible gases
  • Toxic gas
  • Volatile organic compounds or VOC
  • Specialty gases and chemicals, as well as solvent vapors
  • Inert gases

You can also opt for customized gas sampling panels which are useful for those processes that call for gas sample conditioning as well as customized alarm systems and gas alarm panels. The skilled team in charge of engineering the products will consider your gas detection needs right from the start of the project up to its completion.

  • Concept and preliminary proposals and designs for planning the project
  • Supply, commissioning and installation of alarm systems and gas detectors
  • Detailed engineering proposals and designs for project implementation
  • After sales support and regular maintenance

When you need the best fixed gas detectors, make sure that you pick the best system and ensure your safety and protection at all times.