Plastic Testers

Producers of raw materials as well as compounders alike conduct some periodic tests on the finished product prior to shipment. Their respective clients perform tests of the inbound products prior to acceptance of every supplier shipment.

Once the results vary, the answer can reside in the standards used for testing and applied parameters. The melt flow indexers, plastic testers, and universal testing machines of Minerva conform to the major international standards and operate on a cloud-based platform, which simplifies the process of setting up the tests, assessing the result, and exporting data to the databases.

Keeping the compliance with the international standards has never been simpler. Thanks to the plastic testers of Minerva. Being in the industry for several years, Minerva knows how important maintaining compliance with the standards.

Minerva provides a variety of plastic testers for these parameters:

  • Impact Strength – Izod Tests, Charpy
  • Heat Deflection or Vicat Testing
  • Melt Flow Indexing

Minerva’s MP1200 plastic melt flow index testing machine surpasses every requirement of Procedure A, B, C, and D testing. This comes with a 3-zone band heater with 3 controllers, which result in unparalleled furnace’s temperature control. The melt indexing system is made available in either motorized or manual configurations. The options that allow automated testing including PPDT-1200 Automatic Timing Switch for the Procedure B and MWLD-1200 Weight Support and Motorized Loading are provided to complete the suite for plastic melt indexing system.

Minerva’s Model 603 and 303 heat deflection temperature or Vicat plastic testers for those plastics, which are offered with the modular test frames that may be configured using the optional accessories for deflection temperature testing or Vicat. The Model 603, which is 6-station capacity and Model 303, which is 3-test station capacity are offered with the two test stations as the standard with the options to increase the number of the test stations as your frequency or testing requirements increase.

Minerva’s Model IT504 and Model IT503 impact testing machine come with interlocking safety shield that is capable of determining impact resistance with the use of either Izod or Charpy configuration without changing the whole pendulum. The capacity of pendulum is quickly changed through adding on any one of the 7 optional weight sets. The Low Blow feature is actually standard that provides a reliable and convenient technique for releasing pendulum lower than the typical drop heights for testing process at a low impact velocity and energy level.

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