PLEXOR Inspection System for Pressure Regulating Stations

The PLEXOR inspection system for pressure regulating stations can remarkably contribute to the optimal efficiency of the daily operations and procedures of your business.

This innovative system is composed of three primary components, which include the following:

  • The portable PLEXOR test device
  • The CONNEXION software package
  • The System couplings

This inspection system can fit well with all the existing maintenance strategies which can then pave way for CBM or condition based maintenance.

The implementation of the system will not only lead to a better insight to the pressure regulating condition’s technical condition but also to a considerable cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

The functionality of the primary components of the pressure regulating station is being tested with care by means of the easy to operate and portable PLEXOR device. Through this, it is possible to obtain reliable and precise quantitative test results.

In order to connect the PLEXOR device to a pressure regulating station, there is a need for specially crafted system couplings that will be installed for good in the pressure regulating station itself. The results of the test will be stored on an automatic basis in hand-held laptop or computer without the intervention of the inspector.

Characteristics of a Pressure Regulating Station

  • Test the components’ set points
  • 0 to 100 bar and 0 to 16 bar pressure ranges
  • Tests the operation’s quality
  • Tests leak tightness as well as quantitative
  • Tests are reproducible
  • There is no adjustment of the components’ settings
  • Impact resistant casing
  • Wireless communication with a laptop or PDA


How Pressure Regulating Station Works

The typical gas pressure metering and regulating stations are composed of maintenance-free kiosks or cabinets which are often fitted with a control equipment and gas supply, which include the following:

  • Outlet and inlet ball valves for controlling the flow of gas
  • Outlet and inlet pressure gauges for measuring gas
  • Flow filters which remove impurities and isolate the gas
  • Relief and shut off valves which reduce or stop the pressure within the system, and guarantee the equipment’s safety
  • Pressure regulators which lessen the pressure if needed and make sure that gas is being supplied at constant pressure.

Mobile Pressure Regulating Stations

  • At temporary high requirement of gas on construction sites
  • For a safe workplace and stable working pressure
  • Robust design with handle and shelter
  • For shielding gas, oxygen, and fuel gases
  • Individually selectable with 4 to 6 outlet points
  • With HD ball valve in inlet

Problems Addressed by Pressure Regulating Stations

Being a leader in the industry, Minerva can offer an extensive array of world class gas measurement and regulation technologies which adhere to the highest standards of the industry. The range of gas pressure metering and regulating stations can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of the users. With easy installation and maintenance, these can guarantee reliable supply of gas and give gas distribution companies remarkable savings in costs and manpower.