The XP-702IIZ Series gas detectors are an effective tool for finding trace leaks within a short response time and provides a far


Model XP-702IIZ-B XP-702IIZ-A XP-702IIZ-F
Gas Detected One type of combustible gas Two types of combustible gas One type of combustible gas and CFCs
  • Selectable Sensitivity Level
  • Min Detectable Concentration
  • City Gas, LPG, etc: 10ppm
  • CFCs: 30ppm
  • Standard accessories include:
  • Probe with filter/moisture trap
  • Check gas
  • Hand Strap
  • 3 x AA alkaline batt.
  • Spare filters
  • Options available include earphones, telescopic sampling probes and sampling attachments.
  • Response time: 3s or less
  • Dimensions(in mm): W60 X H140 X D40, elcluding probe
  • Weight: Approx 260g excluding batteries


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