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Remote Asset Management System

Many organizations always find for new ways that will help them increase competitiveness and efficiency in this modern world and technology is a key driver to achieve it. Nevertheless, there are numerous businesses that are also faced with some limited resources and dirt of the qualified IT staff. Therefore, solutions that aren’t so dependent on human expertise have become famous.

One of the best solutions is remote asset monitoring. This provides you the chance to monitor the assets in different locations from a particular location. Such assets may include trucks, generators, vehicles or petrol tanks as well as tank farms.

What Benefits Can Organizations Take Advantage from Remote Asset Monitoring?

  • Increased Efficiency – Remote monitoring provides the managers the chance to monitor different assets in various multiple locations that leads to an increase in efficiency. It also saves time as the managers don’t have to make some visits to asset’s actual location to be aware of the condition.
  • Cost Savings – Since remote asset monitoring provides you access to control and monitor different assets from a certain location, it will likely cost to be incurred from the visits to several locations are saved. The cost savings may also be generated from quicker response time, which are prompted by the email notifications or SMS.
  • Proactive Maintenance Notifications – Remote asset monitoring is one twenty-hours a day and the notifications may be received anytime in the day. Once preventive maintenance parameters were set, fault or repair alerts are sent to relevant actions and parties may be taken immediately.
  • Helps in Management Decision – Our remote asset monitoring solutions will let you generate reports that may give you insights that could help you in management decision, especially if it involves the assets of organization.

MINERVA as Your #1 Provider

We cater remote asset monitoring solutions, which are cost-effective platforms that enable our customers to monitor data remotely measured by meters or sensors installed within a small area or in a bigger geography.

With our YAVA cloud-based software, we ensure that field data available anytime or anywhere you like. The customers may also be alerted when the users specified trigger the conditions are met.

How it Works?

how it works

System Architecture

system architecture

Asset Management Software

With our topnotch quality remote asset monitoring solution, the customers can have their monitoring system set up and run cost-effectively and quickly.

  • There’s no need for headcount to keep installations and sensors. Our engineers will do the job for you.
  • No hosting and maintenance costs for dedicated servers. What makes our YAVA software different is that we operate through our cloud server.
  • There are no capex costs for the software development, database licenses or upgrades. Just subscribe to our YAVA cloud-based software.
  • The wireless signal transmission protocols are used where possible to transmit and collate sensor data, lessening the inconvenience and cost of wired sensor installations.

Our remote asset monitoring solutions can be used for various applications and these include the following:

  • Utilities network monitoring
  • Tank monitoring
  • Gas detection
  • Metering
  • Indoor air quality or environment monitoring

At Minerva, the possibilities are limitless! All you have to do is to contact us!

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