Remote Asset Monitoring



Tracking any piece of stationary or mobile equipment will result in huge benefits for your business through time and cost reductions. For the stationary equipment consider welders, generators, air compressors, shipping containers, cranes, and pumps, such expensive items on your asset that could have a habit of disappearing into the thin air. Tracking such items using GPS technology will reduce the losses significantly and your business will suffer because of stolen and missing equipment.

Time will be saved in terms of monitoring the pieces of equipment, particularly if they’re positioned in the remote locations. Physical condition checks can be unnecessary due to logging in to our cloud software and see full performance and usage report in just several clicks of your mouse.

For mobile equipment such as back hoes, water trucks, graders, mowers, rollers, dump trucks, and dozers, you can keep the maintenance schedules tight as well as productivity levels much tighter with the ability to see where, how, and when your equipment was used.

At Minerva, our remote asset monitoring platform allows our customers to track key parameters cost-effectively related to the security or performance of their assets. Our solution also helps our customers reduce manpower requirements, enhance efficiently, and promote the asset’s condition-based monitoring, where they might be.

Assets can be located within a particular area or within the bigger national or regional geography. The data can be accessed online with the use of our YAVA cloud-based software. The only thing you need is an internet connection. The customers can be alerted through SMS or email when user-specified trigger conditions are already met.

Users may download our introduction brochure for you to learn more about our amazing remote asset monitoring platform that can add value to your operations and business. The potential advantages of our platform are optimized resource usage, reduced operations and logistics cost, and improved safety and health.

The companies are searching actively for innovative ways in increasing efficiency and enhance their competitive position. Aside from that, such companies turn to technology in delivering efficiencies that they desire.

Our solutions on remote asset monitoring are a new addition to machine-to-machine space. These solutions enable companies to monitor and manage the distributed assets remotely while enhancing customer service levels. The main reason that the companies turn to remote asset monitoring services can be linked generally to a desire to lessen operational expenses. Lessening the operational expenses is crucial to the success of business in a very competitive industry.

Many of our clients that we have the privilege to work with determining the desire in reducing operational expenses as well as boost efficiency as key drivers for implement the asset monitoring solutions. Minimizing operational expenses is the result that may be articulated clearly in evaluating whether an investment. There are also other reasons that the companies frequently overlook when they’re evaluating whether to invest to remote asset monitoring and these are increasing revenues and risk mitigation. So, contact Minerva today to get remote asset monitoring solutions!

Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Meter Reading for Water

Remote meter reading solutions replace traditional manual reading of water meters which is un-productive and labour-intensive.

We offer a turn-key solution that includes a range of water flow meters suited for your application. Our wireless solution also allows implementation of the remote metering system to be cost-efficient, quick and non-disruptive to your operations (no hacking of walls to lay cables!).

Coupled with our subscription-based YAVA Cloud Software, users can access their meter readings anywhere – all you need is an internet connection! Users are also not burdened with costs for software development, licenses and obsolescence. There is also no need for server deployment and maintenance costs.

With YAVA, users can also receive alerts (SMS, Email) that can be configured to detect potential meter faults, pipeline leakages etc.

Furthermore, our field engineers are always at hand to help you manage your installation.


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