Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Meter Reading for Water

The traditional manual meter reading for water is labor intensive and unproductive. Fortunately, with today’s advanced technology, we at Minerva, offers you remote meter reading solutions that will surely improve your productivity.

We offer turn-key solutions that include a variety of water flow meters that are suited for your application. Our remote solution also enables implementation of remote metering system to be quick, non-disruptive, and cost-efficient to your operations. What makes our solution different is that there are no hacking walls involved just to lay the cables.

Combined with our YAVA cloud-based software, the users may access their meter readings anywhere. The only thing you need is internet connection. The users aren’t also burdened with the costs for software licenses, obsolescence, and development. There’s also no need for server maintenance and deployment costs.

With our YAVA, the users may also receive alerts, which may be configured to detect possible meter faults and pipeline leakages. In addition to that, our field engineers are at hand often to help you manage your installation.

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The advantages of remote meter reading for water and the potential in optimizing your operations are clear, yet the path to get to that point might seem costly or daunting. Nevertheless, it does not have to be. At Minerva, we want to help you on how to make most of your time by using remote meter reading for water. Our goal is to provide you a solution that will match on the wishes and needs of your water system.

There are many reasons why you should choose us for remote meter reading for water. We know that there are countless of companies offering the same solution, but what makes us different is that we have been in the industry for several years and have gained a good reputation in offering solutions that will boost efficiency, productivity, and convenience.

Our remote meter reading for water is a unique solution that offers you nothing but results. If you are the type of person who always check your water meter to gather data or you have a business in a particular location and you want to keep track of your water meter for some reasons, our solution can be of great help to you. At Minerva, we have a cloud-based software called YAVA designed to send our clients the notifications and alerts they need to monitor their water meters. Regardless of the type of water meter you are using, our solutions is suited for you.

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We are always available anytime. Our team of customer representatives is always ready to assist you with any of your concerns. Whether you want to know more about our solution or you have a particular concern that needs to be addressed, we are here to help you.

Experience the difference and enjoy nothing but the highest possible level of satisfaction with our remote meter reading for water today!

Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Meter Reading for Water

Remote meter reading solutions replace traditional manual reading of water meters which is un-productive and labour-intensive.

We offer a turn-key solution that includes a range of water flow meters suited for your application. Our wireless solution also allows implementation of the remote metering system to be cost-efficient, quick and non-disruptive to your operations (no hacking of walls to lay cables!).

Coupled with our subscription-based YAVA Cloud Software, users can access their meter readings anywhere – all you need is an internet connection! Users are also not burdened with costs for software development, licenses and obsolescence. There is also no need for server deployment and maintenance costs.

With YAVA, users can also receive alerts (SMS, Email) that can be configured to detect potential meter faults, pipeline leakages etc.

Furthermore, our field engineers are always at hand to help you manage your installation.


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