Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Tank Monitoring and Change-Over

Remote tank monitoring is getting data through wireless technology from the tanks filled with different types of substances. These substances may be liquid including water or petroleum. It may be gases like propane and natural gas, different kinds of chemicals, and some substances that can be housed in the tank. The data is utilized for monitoring, tracking, and some cases used for safety checks. The system used in a range of industry, which include manufacturing, agriculture, systems, infrastructure, chemical systems, and much more.

More often than not, the tanks that house different substances are placed in areas that aren’t easy to access. Tanks holding petroleum or natural gas are examples of this. It’s often impossible to have human eye monitoring this data as a result, wireless technology may come into play to rather than record every pressure, temperature, level, and much more.

Troubleshooting, quality assurance, and technical problems may be accomplished through remote tank monitoring. For example, if the tank contains gases, chemicals, water, liquids or so on, the gathered data from the tank may compare the consumed amounts versus the amount deposited into the tanks and any improper corresponding variance may indicate either technical malfunction in data collection, theft, leakages, and many more.

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Tank Level Monitoring

RM-Remote-Tank-Monitoring-System-Architecture-1024x465Whether you’re a resource distributor or an end user, Minerva takes pride from offering solutions to better and improved manage inventory levels in tanks, enhance customer service and satisfaction level, and optimize your re-filling efforts.

Our tank level monitoring can do the following:

  • Wireless system architecture may be deployed, enabling you to minimize installation cost.
  • Get notifications of the refill trigger levels via email or sms
  • View data through our YAVA cloud software via online.
  • Sensors are fitted to the tanks to send data on inventory level to the off-site server.RM-Remote-Tank-Monitoring-Change-over-Schematic-1024x899

What Are the Perks You Can Enjoy?

There are many benefits you can enjoy and these include:

  • Boost customer satisfaction or loyalty through providing better logistics management.
  • Optimize the logistics for refill requests as well as delivery arrangement.
  • Understand the consumption profiles and get rid of product run-outs.
  • Eliminate the manual read-out of the tank level.

At Minerva, we also provide complementary solutions that will automate change-over valve switching that’s based on the user requirements. The change-over valve position may be viewed also through our very own YAVA cloud software.

Who Can Benefit from System?

  • Accounting Departments – determine the exact inventory in the tanks quickly. Data may be exported to accounting software or ERP.
  • Customer Service Departments – contact customers proactively with the low inventory levels. The data may also be used in automating the process of ordering.
  • Logistics and Route Planning Departments – data can be used in optimizing the delivery routes and planning. Several trips lessen carbon emissions.
  • End-users – enhance procurement and inventory management.

Want to know more about remote tank monitoring? Let Minerva help and rest assured that you’re in good hands with us!

Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Meter Reading for Water

Remote meter reading solutions replace traditional manual reading of water meters which is un-productive and labour-intensive.

We offer a turn-key solution that includes a range of water flow meters suited for your application. Our wireless solution also allows implementation of the remote metering system to be cost-efficient, quick and non-disruptive to your operations (no hacking of walls to lay cables!).

Coupled with our subscription-based YAVA Cloud Software, users can access their meter readings anywhere – all you need is an internet connection! Users are also not burdened with costs for software development, licenses and obsolescence. There is also no need for server deployment and maintenance costs.

With YAVA, users can also receive alerts (SMS, Email) that can be configured to detect potential meter faults, pipeline leakages etc.

Furthermore, our field engineers are always at hand to help you manage your installation.


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